Mobile Themes

Samsung Galaxy Theme

Samsung theme page of AB Studio.

Only Samsung Galaxy phones are accessible.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Face

Galaxy watch face page of AB Studio.

Only Samsung Galaxy phones are accessible.


Kakao Talk Theme

Kakao Talk theme page in AB Studio.

All devices are accessible.

AB Studio started its theme service in 2018 with Samsung Galaxy theme service. The theme is produced with illustration-based characters and other works. Visualization is a direct means of communication. Our project begins by visualizing ‘small things’ or ‘small experiences’ in our daily lives.

We interpret these little things from the perspective of AB, and we design lock screens, home screens, icons, navigation buttons, various UI in a variety of ways, such as simplification or comedy, zooming, and repeating projects.

Our project made of friendly materials will provide users with easy access and fun experiences. We hope that the AB project will provide a good experience in many environments, giving you a little pleasure in life and bringing about some changes.


Currently, the channels under theme service are Samsung Galaxy Theme Store, Galaxy Store (Galaxy Watchface), LG Smart World, Google Play Store (Kakao Talk theme), and are also preparing services for other platforms.

For all inquiries, please contact us by email below. Contacts: / Co-Founder: Wonae Lee / Jeonghwan Bae ⓒ AB Studio Inc.