Hello, welcome to our website. AB Studio is an illustration-based design studio founded by Walee and Bucky in the spring of 2018. We produce mobile visual content for customers around the world in a variety of mobile environments, including Android, IOS, and Tizen, and we produce a variety of goods.



Visualization is a direct means for us to communicate. Our project begins with visualizing ‘small things’ or ‘small experiences’ in everyday life. And we interpret these little things from AB’s point of view, and we create projects in a variety of ways, such as simplification or comedy, enlargement, downsizing and repetition. And AB’s project, made of friendly materials, will provide users with easy access and a fun experience. We hope that the AB project will provide a long-term good experience in many environments.



The services currently underway include Samsung Galaxy Theme Store, Galaxy Store, Google Play Store, LG Smart World. The services being prepared include Kakao emoticons, Apple stickers, Line emoticons Naver OGQ, Band sticker. In addition, products based on character and graphic identity design are being prepared. Focusing on illustration, we are gradually expanding our service area. If you’re curious about our story, You can see our story by visiting Blog.

Hello, Welcome to Our Website. AB Studio is an illustration-based Content Design Studio. Contacts: a@abstudio.kr / b@abstudio.kr Website: https://abstudio.kr Instagram: @wwwwalee / @buccccky ⓒ AB Studio Inc.