Retro Type Watch Face

Date : Jul 3, 2019

Sercive Area : Samsung Galaxy Store

Category : Works

We wanted to create a watchfase that would only apply to Galaxy watches, not to conventional retro styles. We studied retro-typeface and retro style, and thought a simple layout with only the necessary information would be better suited to the Galaxy Watch than a complex layout with unnecessary information.

We’ve created a typeface that’s going to apply to retro-style digital watchface. This typeface has been concisely built to remove all unnecessary parts for a small display (approximately 40mm). This typeface was applied to AB’s first retro-series (retro-daily, retro-run) Watchface. The retro series will continue to be produced, with more styles, colors and features to be added in the future.

The left side of the image above is Retro Daily. This Watchface tells you today’s date and digital time, weather type, and temperature (°C / °F). On the right is Retro Run. This Watchface shows today’s date and digital time, just like Daily. The difference shows the distance moved and the step count. Go to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Store for more AB watchface and details.

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