Beginning of Circle Layout

Date : June 28, 2019

Sercive Area : Samsung Galaxy Store

Category : Works

We started Samsung Galaxy Watchface service in the second half of 2019. By the time we started the service, there was already a flood of individuals and companies that made the Watchface. I thought there should be a special layout of the AB Watchface Bay. Unlike previous gear series, all Galaxy watches are being made and sold in a circular fashion these days and are expected to remain in shape for quite some time. So, the Watchface that I made is a series of semi-circles and pro-circles.

Indicators that are filled with different types of information are supplied to different products. They can tell you the time, distance traveled, number of steps, and calories. The time indicator shows at a glance the remaining or past hours of today’s day as time fills up.

The image above is a Procircle_02 product, one of the Procircle series. Show time indicator, digital clock, temperature, weather information, morning/afternoon icon, day and date of week, battery information. Temperature shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit considering countries all over the world. The weather and temperature all user’s cell phone and have to work. Go to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Store for more AB watchface and details.

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